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About us

Brightplus is a leading biosourced materials company from Finland. We manufacture, sell, and license our frontrunner green chemistry and side streams based BrightBio® material to leading global manufacturers of packaging products for major brands. We work closely with customers from an early stage, to ensure that solutions are practical from the outset and fully comply with their existing processing methods, without the need for capital expenditure.

Inspiring innovations in a van — how it all started?

A group of enthusiastic scientists and founders was innovating in a frozen Lappish van—winter jackets tightly on—with a shared world saving mission. We wanted to prevent global warming, reduce pollution by removing harmful substances and recycling waste from industries and preserve the planet for our children. We developed multiple business models, received grants from the European Union, and experimented with many inspiring innovations, never forgetting friendship, joy, and good spirit. We wanted to create truly disruptive technological innovations in the merge of materials science, green chemistry, synthetic biology, sustainability, and recycling, working first with all subjects separately and then little by little combining and shaping up our mission to a total solution.

Expanding our horizon towards side stream valorisation

The upraise to the next level was a proposal from a co-operation partner who understood our mission and potential. This led into a serious initiative, us coordinating a groundbreaking synbio facility challenge, a project where genetically modified yeasts and bacteria were used to transform agricultural side streams into biobased materials. At the same time, the microplastic pollution problem reached the global headlines. This, together with the alarming fact that half of the raw materials extracted from nature’s virgin resources end up back into nature unused, made pieces eventually click. As a result, our proprietary side streams based BrightBio® platform was launched in 2018 with a governmental grant from Business Finland to support the scaling of Brightplus business. Brightplus will continue to develop its BrightBio® platform further into global environment and to respond the growing need of circular economy solutions.

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