Innovation co-development and rapid prototyping

Visionary co-creation

Are you seeking to develop new sustainable alternatives to your current material solutions? Would your customers and products benefit from new improved functionalities to enhance material performance? Brightplus is your material solutions development partner when you require rapid co-development for liquid or decorative coating solutions, innovative functional barrier properties or new polymeric materials for replacing plastics.

New functionalities with BrightBio

Our visionary deep tech synthetic chemistry meets varied customer requirements incorporating incremental functionality, such as UV filtering, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Our BrightBio technology is the foundational chemical building block from which we can quickly and efficiently innovate new coatings, materials and components against a variety of unique process and application specifications.

From innovation to pilot production

With a strong track record of successful innovation projects, our in-house skills and scientific approach enable lean delivery: from industrial research, through to proof-of-concept, applied prototypes and pilot production.

Innovation co-development and rapid prototyping

Material solutions development based on unique requirements.
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Sustainable water-based coatings for glass, cardboard, wood and metal.
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BrightBio Filaments and Granules

Functional renewable materials for numerous industrial applications.
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BrightBio Solutions

Our BrightBio technology creates an optimal fit between coatings, barriers and plastic replacing materials to help you in raising your material functionality to the next level.
What is BrightBio Technology

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