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Enhancing product performance and sustainability with BrightBio

Brightplus is pleased to announce a collaboration agreement with Sappi, which seeks to utilise the BrightBio platform to uniquely engineer Sappi’s popular Valida product.

BrightBio is a technology which upcycles industrial side streams with primary biobased ingredients, for innovation of high performing materials. The intention is to incorporate BrightBio to improve the functional performance of Valida in many applications.

Valida and BrightBio each share potential in helping the world shift to materials that do not require petroleum as a feedstock. The underlying technology is biobased without impinging on food supply side streams.

“Over the past 12 months, the two companies have been in discussion to explore ways for cooperation” commented Paul Martin, Commercial Director at Brightplus. “We welcome the opportunity to work closely with Sappi and hope this will be the start of many interesting and fruitful cooperative ventures moving forward”.

Lixian Xu, Sappi Product Manager for Valida, commented: “we are excited to work with Brightplus to develop the next generation Valida product, with improved functionalities and compatibilities in composites, renewable packaging, as well as many other industrial applications”.

About Sappi

Sappi is a global diversified wood fibre group, focused on dissolving wood pulp, paper-based solutions, and high-quality functional biomaterials. Manufacturing operations can be found on 3 continents with sales to more than 150 countries. The company maintains a global leadership position and significant investment in Research and Development in coated graphic papers, speciality packaging grades, dissolving wood pulp and biorefinery processes to respond to the growing global demand for high quality functional biomaterials.

Sappi has developed a unique process for the manufacture of high quality nanocellulose, branded as Valida, which is easily dispersed into a variety of matrices. The material has an outstanding performance in stabilising suspensions and emulsions, and is a potential replacement for fossil based additives in a wide range of industrial applications and everyday products such as paints, adhesives, cosmetics, composites and next generation renewable packaging.

About Brightplus

Brightplus Oy is a leading biosourced materials company, based in Finland. Headquarters are in the city of Tampere, with Production and Design Studios in Oulu. The company manufactures, sells, and licenses its BrightBio material to leading global manufacturers of packaging products for major brands. We work closely with customers from an early stage, to ensure that solutions are practical from the outset and fully comply with their existing processing methods, without the need for capital expenditure.

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