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Ecological BrightBio technology used to bring forth the natural features of copper

Brightplus and Aurubis have joined forces to apply Brightplus’ visionary green chemistry platform, BrightBio, into Aurubis’ innovative architectural copper solutions. Collaboration aims to co-create a solution that enhances the natural features of copper in a sustainable way and meets the forthcoming EU Green Deal regulations well in advance.

Aurubis, as Europe’s largest copper producer, is a global pioneer in copper recycling and in innovative copper solutions. Their products offer the market’s largest copper selection, for example, for roofs and facades.

As copper is natural and 100% recyclable material, the cooperation aims to complement the natural features of copper with clean and sustainable BrightBio technology. Scalable, ecological, and biobased BrightBio enhances copper’s decorative and performative features without fossil-based or other harmful chemicals.

“Customizability, durability and environmental friendliness are extremely important in architectural solutions, all the way from restoring historical buildings to creating new modern innovative designs”, says Janne Juhola, Sales and Product Manager of Aurubis.

“Aurubis is committed to preserving and protecting healthy and safe environment for the future. By recognizing the forthcoming EU Green Deal regulations in our processes in advance, we can guarantee the most sustainable copper solutions in the coming years as well. In this, Brightplus, with their state-of-the-art biobased BrightBio technology, is an essential partner”.

“We are thrilled to cooperate with Aurubis in the front line of the preparation for the imminent carbon neutrality targets”, says Jarkko Leivo, Technology Director of Brightplus. “BrightBio technology can be applied in various different applications and exploiting the diversity of BrightBio with architectural substrates is truly an inspiring project.”

About Aurubis

Aurubis Finland Oy is part of the German Aurubis Group, which operates in numerous countries around the world. With over 150 years of experience, Aurubis is Europe’s largest copper producer and one of the world’s leading copper recyclers. Aurubis’ products are manufactured in the only copper foundry and rolling mill in the Nordic countries and are used, e.g., in electric cars, wind turbines and architectural solutions around the world. Aurubis Finland Oy is building the future of the entire planet together with about 260 leading experts in the field.

About Brightplus

Brightplus Oy is a leading biosourced materials company, based in Finland. Headquarters are in the city of Tampere, with Production and Design Studios in Oulu. The company manufactures, sells, and licenses its BrightBio material to leading global manufacturers of packaging products for major brands. We work closely with customers from an early stage, to ensure that solutions are practical from the outset and fully comply with their existing processing methods, without the need for capital expenditure.

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