September 3, 2019 | News

Brightplus chosen to Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding programme

Brightplus Oy is delighted to announce that it has been accepted into Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company funding (YIC) programme. The objective of the programme is to accelerate the global growth of the most ambitious, rapidly growing startups in Finland that have already shown evidence of selling their products and services internationally.

The criteria for selection are challenging, with only around 40 companies chosen to the programme annually. Business Finland considers especially the following areas: a scalable business model and the opportunity for fast growth in international markets; an evidence of promising business activities and paying customers; a clear plan to grow in international markets and the capacity to implement the plan; a competitive edge with which it is possible to attain an important market position; a committed and competent management team; and the ability to attract venture capital.

For Brightplus to be accepted is validation of our progress and the quality of our talented team. We are excited by the opportunity to accelerate expansion into new markets.

With Business Finland’s Young Innovative Company Funding, we expect to develop and expand our BrightBio® base technology and product portfolio and to expand our production facilities, which are scheduled to be ready for use before summer 2020. With these actions, we aim also to form new strategic relationships with market leading international clients.

This new funding builds on previous awards that Brightplus has received, including through Business Finland R&D programme, which helped us to accelerate our product development, services, production methods and business model. Also, with earlier grant support from the European Unions’ Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

About Brightplus

Brightplus Oy is a leading biosourced materials company, based in Finland. Headquarters are in the city of Tampere, with Production and Design Studios in Oulu. The company manufactures, sells, and licenses its BrightBio® material to leading global manufacturers of packaging products for major brands. We work closely with customers from an early stage, to ensure that solutions are practical from the outset and fully comply with their existing processing methods, without the need for capital expenditure.

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