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Brightplus and Finnfoam deepen cooperation in sustainable materials

Brightplus Oy and Finnfoam Oy have agreed to deepen existing cooperation with new national projects focusing on carbon capture, biobased materials, and materials recycling. Projects aim to develop sustainable, biobased material applications for the needs of circular economy.

Both companies strongly believe that sustainable materials are a growing market. For example, protective packaging and thermal insulation offer huge potential for replacing existing materials with biobased alternatives to reach the circularity goals.

At the heart of the cooperation is utilising side-streams in material applications, which is essential in preserving the planet’s limited resources and in contributing to the principles of the circular economy. Both companies, Brightplus and Finnfoam, share a special expertise in this area. Finnfoam is the forerunner of side-streams valorisation, and Brightplus is always looking for new ways to create value from undervalued industrial resources.

“Finnfoam is a great strategic partner for us. They consistently introduce pioneering and imaginative business ideas, that require technological innovation to fulfil. We feel privileged to work with such an entrepreneurial spirit that sets a huge and genuine emphasis on a sustainable future. Their vast experience in foamed structures and general plastic materials processing, complements our work at Brightplus”, says Jarkko Leivo, Managing Partner at Brightplus.

“Brightplus is an important technology partner in creating value from side-streams and transforming them into high performance sustainable materials. We have been working together closely for a number of years, and we are pleased to expand our collaboration today with these exciting new national projects”, comments Henri Nieminen, CEO at Finnfoam.

About Finnfoam

Finnfoam Oy is a family-owned company founded in 1982 focused on production of thermal insulation materials. The main products of Finnfoam Oy are thermal insulation boards for building and construction insulation purposes, such as ground frost, base, wall and roof insulation materials; including polyurethane PUR/PIR foams. Finnfoam Oy is strongly committed to the circular economy and generating more sustainable solutions for thermal insulation. Thanks to Finnfoam Group’s international subsidiaries, there is excellent access to export markets for new materials developed through project development.

About Brightplus

Brightplus Oy is a leading biosourced materials company, based in Finland. Headquarters are in the city of Tampere, with Production and Design Studios in Oulu. The company manufactures, sells, and licenses its BrightBio® material to leading global manufacturers of packaging products for major brands. We work closely with customers from an early stage, to ensure that solutions are practical from the outset and fully comply with their existing processing methods, without the need for capital expenditure.

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