BrightBio Technology Platform

What is BrightBio?

BrightBio is green chemistry based customisable material recipe bank that allows customer driven material recipe development. BrightBio chemical recipes enable different functionalities, like moisture and chemical durability. Main building blocks are renewable polymers, industrial and agricultural side-streams, natural colorants and inorganic components.

Tailored functionalities for multiple  materials

BrightBio materials are chemically modified, crosslinked polyester from nature’s own renewable building blocks, such as fermented lactic acid and carboxylic acids. We maximise the use of renewable raw materials and industrial by-products. Chemical crosslinking with these inorganic building blocks improves the biopolyester’s properties. With the right choice of renewable raw materials, the material can be tailored based on customer needs.

Enhancing sustainability and functionality with BrightBio

With BrightBio we can develop new materials and properties, gain higher materials performance, utilise renewable natural sources and drop solutions into your existing processes.

Innovation co-development and rapid prototyping

Material solutions development based on unique requirements.
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Sustainable water-based coatings for glass, cardboard, wood and metal.
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BrightBio Filaments and Granules

Functional renewable materials for numerous industrial applications.
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