BrightBio® Technology Platform

Innovative solutions from undervalued industrial side streams

Reducing the circularity gap

92 billion tonnes of Earth’s virgin resources are extracted every year. Half of this is returned unutilised back into nature. BrightBio® is a pioneering technology created to reduce this circularity gap. We recycle and upcycle industrial by-products and side streams; creating unique biobased materials using our visionary chemistry. This way we can reduce the need for Earth’s virgin resources and protect nature for future generations.

Proprietary technology built on green chemistry principles

At the heart of BrightBio® technology is the chemical modification of biobased components, prior to final formulation. Chemical modifications are applied at a molecular level, forming organic or inorganic monomer or polymer units. New oligomers are synthesised for highly detailed control of material properties in final products. Think of BrightBio® as the foundational chemical building block, from which we can quickly and efficiently innovate new materials against a variety of unique process and application specifications.

Enhancing sustainability and performance with BrightBio®

With BrightBio® we can innovate new materials, or tune the sustainability and performance properties of existing materials, towards a variety of process specifications. BrightBio® materials can be fitted directly into existing manufacturing workflows and be applied in a multitude of industrial applications: in food packaging; agriculture; construction; automotive; and many other sectors.

Brightbio® Solutions

Innovations as a service

Together with our customers we co-create sustainable material solutions based on unique requirements


Microplastics free cardboard, metal, and glass coatings for packaging and many other sectors

BRIGHTBIO® Plastic replacements

Fossil free, biobased plastic replacement innovations from renewable carbon side streams