Sustainable Innovations
as a Service

Brighter future with our inspiring innovations

Visionary co-creation

Building on top of our BrightBio® IP technology platform, we co-create unique ecological and renewable solutions based on specific requirements. We collaborate with partners to enhance and improve existing materials that deliver entirely new sustainable renewable carbon innovations. Exploring the uncharted is our inspiration—we create solutions the industry has never seen before. 

Strong partnerships

With a strong track record of successful innovation projects, our efficient service mode includes co-creating all the way from innovation and incubation, to production and licencing. Our in-house skills and scientific approach enable lean delivery: from industrial research, through to proof-of-concept, applied prototypes and pilot production. 

Green chemistry at heart of our business

Our green chemistry and side stream based BrightBio® materials are truly sustainable, have superior technical performance, and are ready for use all over the world, with the ability to be derived from local sources. 

Brightbio® Solutions

Innovations as a service

Together with our customers we co-create sustainable material solutions based on your unique requirements


Microplastics free cardboard, metal, and glass coatings for packaging and many other sectors

BRIGHTBIO® Plastic replacements

Fossil free, biobased plastic replacement innovations from renewable carbon side streams