Plastic Replacements

100% recyclable plastic replacements innovations

Premium sustainable substitutes to plastics

BrightBio® materials can be used to substitute fossil-based and non-recyclable flexible and rigid plastics: offering biobased; sustainable; and high-performance alternatives. BrightBio® is made of 100% sustainable components and designed to meet the highest EU’s Green Deal 2030 carbon neutrality targets.

Diversity of BrightBio® solutions

Sustainable BrightBio® plastic replacements can be applied in a multitude of melt-processing applications: including packaging; food-contact materials; health care; cosmetics; leisure; and other industries.

Why BrightBio® plastic replacements?

Superior Technical Performance

Ready for 2030 European Green Deal Targets

100% Fossil & Microplastics Free

Brightbio® Solutions

Innovations as a service

Together with our customers we co-create sustainable material solutions based on unique requirements


Microplastics free cardboard, metal, and glass coatings for packaging and many other sectors

BRIGHTBIO® Plastic replacements

Fossil free, biobased plastic replacement innovations from renewable carbon side streams