BrightBio Plastic Replacements

100% recyclable plastic replacements innovations

Premium sustainable substitutes to plastics

BrightBio materials can be used to substitute fossil-based and non-recyclable flexible and rigid plastics with biobased, sustainable, and high-performance alternatives.

BrightBio is made of 100% sustainable components and designed to meet the highest EU’s Green Deal 2030 carbon neutrality targets.

Diversity of BrightBio solutions

Sustainable BrightBio plastic replacements can be applied in a multitude of melt-processing applications such as packaging, food-contact materials, health care, cosmetics, leisure and other industries.

Why BrightBio plastic replacements?

Superior Technical Performance
Ready for 2030 European Green Deal Targets
100% Fossil & Microplastics Free

Innovations as a service

Together with our customers we co-create sustainable material solutions based on unique requirements.

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Microplastics free cardboard, metal, and glass coatings for packaging and many other sectors.

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BrightBio Plastic replacements

Fossil free, biobased plastic replacement innovations from renewable carbon side-streams.

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BrightBio Solutions

BrightBio Technology Platform is the foundation for our visionary green chemistry. We collaborate with partners to enhance and improve existing materials or deliver entirely new sustainable renewable carbon innovations. Exploring the uncharted is our inspiration — we create solutions the industry has never seen before.

What is BrightBio Technology

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