BrightBio Plastic Replacements

Functional biomaterials from renewable sources

Expand functionality with BrightBio

BrightBio plastic replacements are a result of a long scientific research, fully designed and manufactured in Finland. Functional materials are ideal for substituting fossil-based and non-recyclable flexible and rigid plastics with biobased, sustainable and high-performance alternatives.

Diversity of BrightBio

We provide plastic replacements for a multitude of melt-processing applications, such as for packaging, food-contact, health care, cosmetics, leisure and other industries. BrightBio material is available in several different grades, with varying properties and application specifications.

Why BrightBio plastic replacements?

Improved & tailorable functionalities
Ready for 2030 European Green Deal Targets
100% Fossil & Microplastics Free

Innovations as a service

Material solutions development based on unique requirements.
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Sustainable water-based coatings for glass, cardboard, wood and metal.
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BrightBio Plastic replacements

Functional renewable materials for numerous industrial applications.
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BrightBio Solutions

Our BrightBio technology creates an optimal fit between coatings, barriers and plastic replacing materials to help you in raising your material functionality to the next level.
What is BrightBio Technology

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