BrightBio Coatings

Scalable protective and decorative coatings

Premium protective alternative

With BrightBio coatings we can replace fossil-based and environmentally harmful chemicals with clean, water-based and solvent-free alternatives. We provide unique decorative and protective effects with advanced technical performance.

Revolutionary coating solutions

We provide environmental and process safe coatings for glass, cardboard, wood and metal with decorative and protective qualities. Our coatings are suitable for a variety of applications from luxury container packaging to construction.

Why BrightBio Coatings?

Improved & tailorable functionalities
Ready for 2030 European Green Deal Targets
100% Sustainable & Microplastics Free
Meet the Highest HSE Standards

Innovations as a service

Material solutions development based on unique requirements.
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Sustainable water-based coatings for glass, cardboard, wood and metal.
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BrightBio Plastic replacements

Functional renewable materials for numerous industrial applications.
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BrightBio Solutions

Our BrightBio technology creates an optimal fit between coatings, barriers and plastic replacing materials to help you in raising your material functionality to the next level.
What is BrightBio Technology

Let’s find the right solution for your application.

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