High value materials from
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Accelerating the transition to a more sustainable society by providing essential plastic replacement materials to packaging manufacturers.

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The current economy demands 102bn tonnes of materials for its operation. Despite best efforts, only 9bn of this comes from the circular economy through recycling and reuse. The rest (approximately 93bn tonnes) is extracted from the planet annually, as raw material feedstock. This number has tripled since 1970 and represents 1 tonne per month for every person on the planet. Furthermore, only 24bn tonnes is retained as long-lasting goods in the economy. The remaining 67bn tonnes is dispersed into the environment, as unrecovered ‘waste’. As an example, ore mills for copper generate large amounts of unwanted side-streams. For every tonne of copper, there is 99 tonnes of discarded material generated. Other major industries produce their side-streams too. Such side-streams currently present little to no value to these industries and cause environment harm if not carefully managed.

Over the next twenty years, the world population will increase from 7.7. billion to 9 billion. It goes without saying that earth’s resources are limited and cannot be extracted exponentially without impacting the wellbeing of future generations. The current system, where we continuously use virgin feedstock from nature in our production processes, then discard what we do not want, is not only environmentally damaging, but more to the point it is economically crazy. At Brightplus we concentrate on creating value from this 67bn tonne opportunity, by up-cycling side-streams and combining with primary biomaterials into ‘Nature’s New Feedstock’. This is the starting point for our mission; we want to do our part in preserving our planet for future generations, while delivering huge savings for our industrial partners.




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  • Upcycle industry’s
    waste side-streams

  • Increase value through
    our chemistry

  • Reduce demands on
    the planet’s resources


    Working at a molecular level, we use our chemistry skills to transform undervalued industrial redundant side-streams from diverse heavy industries, into completely new high performance and cheaper raw materials for manufacturers.

  • We utilise surplus ingredients already in the economy, rather than extracting more resource from nature’s limited reserves. For us there is no concept of waste, as everything that exists has the potential to be reused in some form. We can maximise our resources and rise above the ‘use and throw away’ culture. Our technology is nature’s new feedstock for manufacturing in the Green Deal Economy of 2025.


    With our team of experts, we have developed a BrightBio® technology for combining discarded side-streams from diverse heavy industries; upcycling them through a complex chemistry process with primary biomaterials, to create new innovative products for everyday use, without compromising on quality or price. BrightBio®products help our customers to minimize the risks from new legislation that will inevitably restrict the usage of fossil-based raw materials for many different purposes. Adding more sustainable material options into their supply chain also shines our customers sustainability image to the top. BrightBio® materials can be applied in a multitude of applications, industry sectors and geographies.

OUR PRODUCTS - BrightBio® Industrial Applications

Photo of VÄLKE

A thin-layer decorative application, to provide beautiful aesthetic effects and patinas for a variety of substrates, including luxury glass packaging.

Photo of Tuike

A thin-layer protective application, to replace oil-based compounds and micro-plastics used extensively in beverage glass manufacturing.

Photo of Koivu

A mid-thickness application to replace plastics in production of high performance flexible and transparent materials for food packaging.

Photo of Kalvo

A thick-layer application to replace harmful styrene plastics in production of high performance rigid containers; used in food and household packaging containers.


Want to show your potential in green chemistry and biobased materials and join Brightplus on our mission to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable society? We are always looking for new talents to strengthen our international team.

If you have relevant experience from biodegradable and biobased material applications, or other relevant background that you think we are missing out, please send us an open application to careers@brightplus.com, and we’ll be in touch.


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